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Site Manager

Site Manager is in an Alpha release stage - this means that it's not ready for commercial use. This means that it is still in active development and things may break/not function as intended from time to time.

Site Manager is an easy way to manage all of your/your clients websites from one main control panel. Monitor your websites with our uptime checker and get notified when a site doesn't produce a 200 OK HTTP response code within 15 seconds, perform updates on the core and third party extensions, perform a security check against the core CMS and have any differences highlighted to you.

Uptime Check

From the moment that you add your website - we perform an uptime check to make sure that your website is up and running. Uptime checks are performed every five (5) minutes - if your website doesn't respond with a 200 OK HTTP response code, we report that the website is down. When we report that your website is down - you will be notified by email and if enabled, PushBullet.

Easily view a break-down of the last twenty-four (24) hour response times in a graph along with the averages for the last thirty (30) days of response times.


We check your website every eight (8) hours, checking to see if our extension is installed, if there are any core updates and if there are any third party updates that need applying. If an update is found and your Update Settings specify 'Manual Confirmation' - we will notify you that an update is available. If you have specified 'Automatic', we will apply the update and notify you via the 'Action Log' that an update has been applied.

Screen shots

Site Manager - Control Panel Site Manager - All Domains Site Manager - Single Domain Site Manager - Uptime Activity Site Manager - Log


Security is always a concern when data is being passed between websites - that's why we take it seriously. When you add a domain, we generate a set of 'keys' (using the RSA Encryption Algorithm) that we use to encrypt and decrypt the data that is being sent to and from your website. Our requests to your website are encrypted with these 'keys' and the data that we request is also encrypted - these 'keys' are specific to each domain added. On top of these 'keys' - a random access token is generated per site which is also passed with each request (in the encrypted request) which you are able to change. The data can only be decrypted with the correct 'key' and all requests must contain the domains specific access token in order for any action (backup, update etc) to be performed. If the access token isn't and the request can't be decrypted - the request is terminated and an email is sent to the email address specified within the 'Account Settings' page.

Still unsure?

If you are still unsure how OHS Site Manager can help you keep on top of your backups, core updates and third party updates - sign-up for a free account and see for yourself.

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