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Joomla! Extensions

For help/support with our extensions or to recommend a new feature, please create a ticket in our Support Area

We have worked on a number Joomla! extensions, both publicly available for download and custom extensions developed specifically for companies. Below are the extensions that we have developed that are publicly available, some extensions are commercial and others are non-commercial.

We are always looking to create new Joomla! extensions so if you have any ideas or if you have a project that requires a custom Joomla! extension, please get in touch.

Downloader FREE
A simple way to download the Joomla! CMS to your server.
OHSecurity is a security extension which aids in the protection of your CMS powered website.
Developer Attribution FREE
Display a random backlink to your website from sites that you've developed.
Site Manager
Manage all of your Joomla! powered websites from one control panel.
Facebook Pixel PREMIUM
A simple plugin that adds the Facebook Pixel code into your website.
Current Year FREE
An easy way to show the current year - mainly used for copyright statement.