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Getting started with OHSecurity

Getting started with OHSecurity is simple, all you need to do is install it. From the moment that you install OHSecurity - it starts providing additional security to your Joomla! and WordPress powered website. Within this guide we will show you all of the steps that you will need to take in order to have OHSecurity protecting your website. We will show you the basics from installing OHSecurity all the way through to putting OHSecurity into 'Test Mode' and allowing what we class as 'Bad Bots' to crawl your website.

OHSecurity Table of Contents

  1. Installing OHSecurity
  2. Configuring OHSecurity
  3. Using OHSecurity
  4. Updating OHSecurity
  5. Un-installing OHSecurity

If anything isn't covered within our documentation which you believe should be, please let us know and we will either tell you why it hasn't been added or we will add it and let you know.